P2P order book and agent based DEX

Technical documentation coming soon


Humayun Sheikh

Founder and CEO

Humayun is an entrepreneur, investor, and visionary focused on AI, machine learning, blockchain, and token-based economies. He was a founding Investor in DeepMind, and co-founded Fetch.ai, Atomix, Mobix, uVue, and itzMe. In addition to his strong technological background, Humayun also has extensive experience in financial markets, including commodities trading and derivatives.

Chirag Maliwal

Lead Developer

A passionate software developer from India. Chirag is a fan of technology and the way it is constantly evolving. Loves to do the impossible and enjoys difficult tasks. Getting the code right is his mission. A firm believer in solve-it-before-you-sleep. A people’s person, a friend of all. He is a workaholic and energy center of the team who curates the most insane ideas and pushes everybody to unleash their potential.

Mehul Gaidhani

Lead Developer

Mehul is a passionate tech geek with a can-do attitude, fueled by his curiosity and love for decentralization. His quick thinking and exploratory nature make him an exceptional problem-solver, always ready to embrace new ideas and shape the digital landscape. Mehul's dedication to decentralization, coupled with his technical expertise, positions him as a catalyst for change in the evolving world of technology.

Maria Minaricova

Business Development

Maria is leading the business development programs of both Fetch.ai and Mettalex. Her specialties are strategic alliances, collaborations with industry leaders and governmental institutions, as well as with academia. With her decades-long experience, Maria proficiently manages strategic programs delivery at Fetch.ai and its spin-off projects.