Access the world’s first DEX focused on token based commodities trading. Accessible 24/7 with tight trading spreads, low margin requirements and unique hedge instruments that ensure you don’t get liquidated prior to settlement dates.

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Who Is Mettalex For?
Liquidity Providers

Liquidity Providers

Users who provide liquidity to Mettalex’s DEX autonomous market makers get rewards in both trading fees and MTLX governance tokens. Provide liquidity in BUSD, USDO, MTLXBUSD PancakeSwap LP tokens. More options - coming soon!



Through the Mettalex DEX, crypto traders get access to traditional and crypto commodities markets unavailable anywhere else in the DeFi space. Enjoy a plethora of assymetric opportunities and trade derivatives for a fraction of the spot price.

Commodity Holders

Commodity Holders

Participants in the commodities supply chain could use the Mettalex DEX to acquire cost and capital-efficient access to an efficient hedging tool. The risk associated with each long or short position is fully quantified.

Access traditional markets with minimal friction on taking positions and reduced requirements for margin. We combine the convenience of tokens with market sizes of the commodities world.

What Makes Mettalex Different
Advanced Autonomous <br/>Market Makers

Advanced Autonomous
Market Makers

Advanced mathematics ensures that all Mettalex markets are fully collateralized. Even more efficient mathematical operations will be introduced with the incorporation of technology.

Unique <br/>DeFi Markets

DeFi Markets

The Mettalex commodity derivatives exchange features markets unavailable anywhere in the DeFi space, including Steel, Iron Ore, Natural Gas, Aluminium, Zinc, Copper, and spreads like BTC/Gold, ETH/Gold, sCEX/sDEFI, and many more.

Perpetual <br/>Liquidity Mining

Liquidity Mining

87.5% of all MTLX tokens will be distributed to liquidity providers (LPs) that supply stablecoin liquidity to Mettalex’s Autonomous Market Makers. That turns Mettalex markets into “perpetual yield farms”. In addition, LPs are also rewarded with trading fees.

No liquidations

No liquidations

Stakeholders taking hedge positions assuming price hikes or dips will not lose their collateral on the basis of short term price movements. Position tokens remain valid until the date of settlement and recover in value if price recovers unlike a margin based position.

Instant <br/>Settlements


Positions on Mettalex are monitored by an autonomous agent that ensures the market has sufficient liquidity for absorbing your position in the event that you decide to exit.

Crowd-sourced <br/>Collateral Pool

Collateral Pool

Mettalex uses position tokens instead of margin positions offered by conventional trading platforms. These position tokens in turn are backed fully by individuals looking to receive a part of the trading fees from the platform. Adding another layer of stability to the exchange.

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