We are now ready to launch, with FET holders receiving the first pool of MTLX tokens via a staking pool mechanism which will earn MTLX tokens as a reward.

The MTLX token genesis distribution started on Tuesday 8th September. FET token holders will stake FET for 21 days to receive a share of the 1 million MTLX to be distributed during the genesis period.

How to receive MTLX governance tokens:

  1.  FET holders will be able to stake the tokens from the 8th of September up to 10th of September at
  2. On 10th September at 6pm UTC the staked FET will be locked for 21 days and during this period no FET can be withdrawn
  3. During the staked period MTLX tokens earned can be withdrawn but not the FET
  4. On 1st October the FET tokens will be unlocked.
  5. In October v1 of MTLX liquidity pools and community testing phase will be announced

Redeem your MTLX tokens 

During the 48 hour staking period, over 130 million FET were staked to earn MTLX rewards.

FET tokens entered lockup phase yesterday evening, and MTLX tokens are being progressively released.

To redeem your MTLX tokens at any time during the 21 day lockup period, go back to and click “Redeem”

  • OFFICIAL FET ADDRESS: 0x1D287CC25dAD7cCaF76a26bc660c5F7C8E2a05BD
  • OFFICIAL MTLX ADDRESS: 0x2e1E15C44Ffe4Df6a0cb7371CD00d5028e571d14
  • OFFICIAL STAKING CONTRACT: 0x7354F36fD74A656b4db8429C3FD937b99CD69e45