Early Access Program

Launching the Mettalex Early Access Program

As we gear up for the launch of Mettalex platform, we are now broadening the group using the decentralized commodities exchange.

We are announcing the Mettalex Early Access Program (EAP) to recruit lead users ahead of the public launch.

We are looking for commodities traders & community members to participate in testing new product features, providing feedback and determining the initial range of market pairs to be included at project launch.

This program will then flow into an exciting simulated trading competition. Users will be able to participate in a the 2 weeks long, risk-free, simulated competition and have the chance to earn volume and profit based rewards for doing so.

Phased launch of Early Access Program participants

This first phase of beta-testing will begin in mid-November and we are calling for applications now. Early users will be recruited and onboarded in phases. For this first cohort we are particularly interested in professional traders in either the commodities or crypto space, who are looking to hedge their positions.

As a lead user, you will not only gain early access, but may also be incentivized for creating tokens, testing the system and eventually promoting it. This is a great opportunities to be a pioneer of innovative technology and help with the development.

If you are interested in gaining early access and testing the Mettalex platform, apply now!