Mettalex: Cost and Capital-Efficient Trading

Mettalex is a decentralized, blockchain-based derivatives exchange (DEX) focused on traditional and crypto commodities, unique DeFi markets, and traditional and crypto spreads.

Available 24/7/365 anywhere in the world*.

Built by the team.

Who is Mettalex for?

Mettalex aligns the incentives of three types of users:

  • Physical Commodity Holders (traditional and crypto)
  • Traders and Speculators
  • Liquidity Providers
What Problems Does Mettalex Solve?

The main value proposition of the Mettalex DEX address challenges related to:

  • Cost and Capital Efficiency
  • Liquidity
  • Risk Management
  • Market Access
What are Mettalex User-Specific Value Propositions?

No Margin Calls
  • Market Settlement Based on Real-World Data – Only the oracle-reported price can settle a market.
  • Clear Risk/Reward – Accurate information about profit/loss for all trades.
  • Non-Custody of Funds – User-provided liquidity is stored in and secured by smart contracts, inaccessible by the team.
  • Automatic Settlement – Once the price breaches the band, a market is settled automatically.
Cost Efficiency
  • No Third Parties – Go to the platform, connect your Web 3 wallet, start trading/hedging.
  • Tight Spreads – The price of long/short positions is determined automatically based on real-world price data and user sentiment.
  • Easy DeFi On-Ramping – Set up a crypto wallet and credit it with funds in minutes thanks to Torus wallet integration.
Capital Efficiency
  • Banded Trading – Trading is performed within a band based on historical price volatility.
  • Leverage – Leverage is achieved by the token price being a fraction of the asset price.
  • Perpetual Exposure – As long as the oracle-reported price stays within the band, the market is active, and positions remain open.

DeFi-Sourced Capital
  • Perpetual Yield Farming – Over 80% of all MTLX tokens will be distributed to liquidity providers over the course of 8+ years.
  • Peer-to-Peer Liquidity – Mettalex market makers are powered by retail and institutional capital providers.
  • No Order Book – Mettalex features advanced autonomous market making.
  • No Third Parties – Mettalex smart contract-based autonomous market makers act as a side to any trade, ensuring order execution.
Stable Liquidity
  • USD-Pegged Liquidity – Unlike other platforms, Mettalex liquidity is provided in the popular USDT/BUSD stablecoins.
  • No Over-Collateralization – The value of stablecoins is much less volatile than cryptocurrencies, so there is no need to over-collateralize the system.
  • No Liquidations – Liquidity providers cannot be liquidated providing them with peace of mind, long-term.

* US restrictions apply.